Silas moved to Bornholm.

He arrived Friday 20. July with the evening boat.

We had a quiet trip from Amy in Kennel Capstone, and Silas was duly admired and commented on by almost everyone we met on the way home.

Arrived safely to Sosevejen and placed him along Thea, Josefine and Laura. They were sniffing and pushing a little, but the introduction went really well.

We were excited on the first night, where Maria was supposed to have Thea and Silas in her room - it went beyond all expectations. Thea told him, there were places where he was not welcome, but all and all i was alright.

Saturday was looking around day,have a little talk with the other dogs and try to get a little out on the grass. There were also room for a little walk with Ulla and Mary, picking raspberries.

What is Silas forces?-We never found out. We were very pleased to give him a place in the family, in October he started his training with puppies motivation, and he has tryed his first dogshow. It was of course Maria, who took care of the upbringing and handling. He was sweet and teachable.

But in February 2008 we had to redeploy Silas due to Ullas untimely death.

Silas is reclassified in accordance with the agreement with Kennel Capstone - Dorthe helped us to find a good and loving family to Silas.

Capstones Valiant Silas


Now we can consider: what actually happened

Wwe've tried to get puppys a couple couple of times - and it was no succes.

We live far away and it demands a lot of timing and traveling. Is it the right time, will the dog stress up, will the humans stress up?

Anyway, we started joking about it - we will have to buy our own dog.

The, on a puppy-list, Silas showed up, and then i got serious..

Even though Emma was pregnant, it was  interesting because Silas fulfilled some of the thoughts, we had done ourselves.

We wanted an English-type dog.

We would like to continue the good old Danish breeding lines

We wanted a dog wich family was not too close to our bitches

Silas fulfilled the reflection, so we contacted Dorte in kennel Capstone.

We asked for the dog and had a good talk and was close to an agreement. We just wanted to vicit the kennel.

We checked pedigrees - meanwhile Dorte was checking us.

Another telefoncall and we had a agreement.

The father is Zobella Such A Soldier in Gold and mother is Capstones Pet Girl.

Lines and family pulls the threads back to good Danish breeding, and we hope that Silas can help lead the good genes further along with our dogs, who also has ancestors back to traditional Danish breeding.

We should, of course, a vicit Kennel Capstone to see our dog.

Capstone-dogs are living in the house - all over the house. When we visited Dorte (Kennel Capstone), we were met by 14 happy and lustful shelties who just thought it was nice to meet new people - they sure had a party.

The dogs were from-newborn-to-many years and it was nice to be able to meet a couple of generations of our puppy's past. It is always difficult to move into someone else's home when buying dog-we had a good experience at the Capstone.

Shortly after we bought Silas, Dorte had to stop her Kennel due to her helth. We were happy we had Silas before she stopped.