Get It

Shenaja Queen of Hearts

Get It

Maria and Lea had the idea of training a Agility-dog from the start.


Lea is well underway with coach education. She comes from a border-family, but think it's fun to run with shelties.

They agreed that they would buy a AG-sheltie together. It had to stay with Maria, but they should both do the training.

They chose Kennel Shenaja and in December 2013 Shenaja's Queen of Hearts - Get It - moved to Bornholm. The dog was installed in Rønne, and a few days later introduced to Lea's family. Lea told them that she could imagine, and actually had decided and actually also had purchased a puppy, and by the way - it was the puppy right there. 

Get It is a very lively little puppy. It puts Nunu's patience on a large sample.. Get It was introduced to the rest of the family in connection with the New Year with Nunu. No problems, but the bitches in Teamsheltie are not quit as patience as Nunu. 

Get It is training puppy-agility, to get ready, when she can start real training at the age of 12 month.

The first year she has worked with the preparation for the upcoming agility training. She has regulary been on training courses to socialize and to get familiar with the places. And she has trained many of the useful skills that will be used later in the "real" agility training. Besides training has been supplemented with courses with extremely habile ag instructors.

Get It living with Maria, but she regularly joins the pyjama party on Sosevejen. She is a happy and energetic dog that blend well with the others - although they may well look a little tired, the joy and the energy grows too large. Generally, they have a good time together, and she has found a natural place alongside the other.

She is open to other dogs and people - a really good sheltie-temper.




Get It is a big sheltie, she will not be winning exhibitions, but if she continues the good agility-stroke, she will "be somebody".


You are allowed to compite when you are 18 month and Get It had its debut at 18 month and 1 day. She is completely unimpressed and runs extremely well. Of course she lacks some skills yet - eg. slalom, but her learning curve is extremely steep, and she has a super speed.