Unlike our other dogs, Andrea has not moved to here from elsewhere in the country. She is our first homemade Sheltie.

She is the result of a romance between Elverlamshusets Cilla (Emma) who live here with us, and Elverlamshusets Frodo, who lives with Lotte.

Pretty quickly after we got our puppy (you can read about our efforts here), we were approached by a potential buyer, who wanted to have a bitch.

We wanted to keep one of the puppies from our first litter, and it had to be a bitch. So we had to quickly decide which of the 2 we would keep. The choice fell on Andrea.

She is a little particular lady who can stand up for herself. She is also the loving kind - loves to cuddle and loves a good scratch on the tummy.

She eats like a threshing machine-quickly and efficiently, but she has learned now (the hard way) that she must stay away from the other dogs food bowls, until given the signal that they all can take a round, to see if there is someone who has overlooked a little tuck in the corner.

The dogs each have their bowl, and they will be served by age-so it may be a patience test to be the youngest.

She would not stop drinking milk from her mother - which annoyed Emma - but when we delivered the other puppies, she had a short period of time, where she was separated from the mother.

It has been a good thing, because now they can lie and cosiness in a basket and enjoy mother-daughter-relationship, without that she makes unreasonable demands for Emma.

What is Andreas future?

Don't know, at first we will take her to the DSSK's Karlslunde-exhibition in baby class.

At home in security, however she is all right. She is always with you on an experience - is always first at the door, when there are dogs to be let out.

Emma and her still retains some ties. They can still lie together on the floor, and enjoy a little mother and daughter time.

Teamshelties Andrea.


Well-it was ok, but since we have not won major victories. But Andrea is a sweet girl who lit up in our home. She is best friend with the other dogs - including our border collie which came to the house while Andrea was still young - she taught Jessy to behave as a good sheltie, although she occasionally has to recognize that a border takes up a little more physically space than a sheltie.

Andrea has unfortunately been a somewhat nervous dog. She was the puppy in a very turbulent period of our lives, where we did not have the necessary time to raise a puppy. We're trying to make up for it by letting her participate in activities where she can meet other under slightly relaxed shapes, for example. Family dog training.