Poulsgaards Sensible Touch


Thea's temperament has come very clearly reflected the times, we have tried to use her for breeding - male dogs are definitly not accepted that close. Even when we got a deal with super dog Ametricken In Ash (Nash) and drove her far on the other side of Goteborg she was not impressed - no puppys.

Thea has got epilepsy.Becomming 5 years she started having attacks 6-7 times a year. The vet didn't think we needed to medicate her, when there is no more seizures a year. Unfortunately, it causes implications for her obedience and agility performance. She loses concentration. Therefor she has stopped compiting.

Thea has retained her place as the undisputed ruler of the House, outside, some of the other will take over the initiative, but if things are about to get out of order, Thea will set things straight - and she must be obayed.

In september 2013 she started having problems with her legs.She was checked, and the vet could see, that she had a tumor at the bottom along the backbone. Thea could still move around, keep hrt delf clean and optain the leadership in the House. We wanted her to end her life that way - in full control of himself and in harmony with her surroundings. We decided that she should be put to sleep and 2 days later-13. September-she went to the vet. The end of a good live together with a nice dog, who really led us into the canine world and taught us to love the Sheltie.

Poulsgaards Sensitive Touch, called Thea, was our first sheltie, and she is the leader of the Pack.

We got her in 2003 at Kennel Poulsgaard.

Thea is tricolor.

She is a small sheltie, minimum size, which we occasionally are told as we join exhibitions.

She is, as our other dogs a typically English sheltie.

She is harmoniously built, is a cute little feminine bitch, and she looks like a dream when she follows Maria around the ring, with eyes glued to Maria's head.

By temperament, she can be a bit of a grooming, where other dogs not just to jostle their way and sniff all possible and impossible places. Talking to humans she is a little doll.

Thea belongs to Maria, Maria exposes her in exhibitions, join obedience training and runs agility.

Joining agility her size is an advantage. She jumps at low altitude, not many agility-breeds do so. She is super-fast, and, combined with her ability to learn, she is a really good agility dog. Of course, Maria is the handler.

Asfar as obidienc she would probably go far because of her learning ability and due to her attention on Maria. We have, apparently, like many other sheltie owners, problems with the search sticks. We have chosen to say that it is a racial characteristics, not a handler problem. We have also chosen, that obedience training not is our first priority.

In the show ring, she has achieved fluctuating results-probably due to her size. She picks always praised for her harmonic, feminine appearance-and then it depends on whether the judge likes large or small dogs.

At the exhibitions participant Maria and Thea always in junior handling, and the result is usually very good.