Lövhults Bella Rosa


It all started with two cats.

In the year 2000 we moved to a new place, and the cats stayed at the old place. We had become used to have pets, so we disided we wanted a dog.

The dog hed to be big, sweet and easy to handle, and a good family-dog. When reading about Berner Sennendog, it fitted our wishes and when we read: "no need of much exercise" we made our choise.

The nearest place at that time to get a Berner Senne was near Göteborg in Sweden. We made contact, rented a car, of we went and returned proudly with Lövhults Bella Rosa. She was screaming as soon as the car started moving - it felt like a very long trip back home (350 km - 220 miles).

The name? Lövhult was the name of the kennel, Bella Rose is a rather chep, easterneuropian rose wine.

Ronja - as we named her - moved into our home, and little by little we started to enter til world of dogs. At first a little puppy-training, then we had to try an exhibition and had to start training, a little obidience and then agility. All the other dogs were running agility - Ronja was walkning agility.

At home we had become a friend. Our daughter - Maria, 8 years - had a cuddly toy.

Later we had to perceive the fact, that Ronja was growing much faster than Maria. It was ment to be Marias dog, but we started to consider a smaller race.

Ronja learned to pull the wagon - one of the original purpose of the race. We started the grill at home, put it in the wagon, Ronja in front, and went for a walk in the forrest. Finding a fine place, the grill was ready, Ronja was tired, and we could do the cooking peasefully. On the way back home, the tired Maria could sit in the wagon.

Ronja was a great lover of literature. All books placed under half a meter from the floor belonged to her - and was eaten. The starperformence was eating the only copy of a university-rapport, the owner took his best italian shoes to throw after the dog. Ronja had expected scolding and was very surprice, she thought the student wanted to play. She took the shoe, went to the garden and buried it and were very proud. The student went home in a very bad temper.

Every sunday Leif and Ronja went to the bakery for bread. The baker handed 1 peace of bred in a bag to Ronja, and she caried it home before eating it.

When we started having shelties, Ronja received them with kind indulgence. Kind of sweet but a little difficult, because they made changes. E.g. Ronjas place in front of the stove when we were cooking.

When Ronja died, the first night the place in front of the stove was empty, the next evening the oldest sheltie came to the kitchen, looked around and took the place.

In 2005 Lotte and some of her shelties were viciting. We had some lovely days, but Ronja started to act funny, she didn't want to go for a walk, and she din't want to lay down. We went to the vet, she had cancer and we had her put down.