Elverlamshusets Cilla


Elverlamshusets Cilla, called Emma, became our second sheltie.

We got her in 2004 from Kennel Elverlamshuset.

Emma is Sable/white very likely homozygot.

Emma is one of the larger sheltier, about maximum goal.

Emma is a typical English sheltie.

She is harmoniously built and has a nice coat, shining dark golden in the sun.

She is a quiet and very polite dog. She askes and then she waits.

Emma is Ulla's dog, and she attends in obedience training, ring training and agility.

We have not prioritized obedience training mostely.  She is ok, but would be able to go far, if she had regular training.

In agility, she has a god handle on, what it is all about. It was an amazing experience to see the day, where it has clearly dawned what a slalom should actually be used for. You could literally see the light of realization in her eyes.

In the show-ring she is doing well, but as always when handling a dog, which is located in the outer edge of the breed standard, you are pretty much vulnerable in relation to the judges ' individual taste.

The best denomination on Emma is that she is just so sweet and polite.

It took around 5 minutes to get used to the House again, and about 10 minutes to find herself in the flock again-they started just there again, where they had completed 2 years ago.

Andrea and Emma immediately joined up again-there is clearly a relationship that is different than the bunch-the community, they still lieing close.

Emma is has taken up agility again and she has not forgotten what she has learned in the past. She joined rallies again.

Emma has done very well in agility, but here in the spring 2014, we can see that she is not young anymore. She would still like to run, but a race is hard on her. She took her last class 2 competition before the summer, and then she startet as a senior. She raced a couple of times, but now we have stopped completely.

Emma has become a mother to our first-and so far the only litter. The puppies were born in 2007. The father is Elverlamshuset's Frodo.

3 small puppies. Teamshelties Allerførste Fenja, Teamshelties Aslan and Teamshelties Andrea-Andrea live  with us.

We repositioned Emma in February 2008 due to Ullas untimely death.

Emma lived in Kennel Elverlamshuset until april 2010.

Emma has lived in Elverlamshuset for 2 years. She has been with Frodo again and has got 3 lovely litter. In 2008 she got Elverlamshuset's Tilde and Tuffy Lucky, in 2009 Elverlamshuset's Celestine, Cindarella, Cindy and Cirkeline and in 2010 Elverlamshuset's Gaya, Ghita and Gismo.

Emma has stopped breeding.

Fortunately Lotte and Kurt from elverlamshuset have saidt, we can have Emma back home.

Emma moved home 1. may-she's still the cautious, the sweet, the polite. The exception was, however, Inger and Naja (mother in law and Maria's friend). Although she had not seen them for 2 years she just jumped into there arms.

2018 has just begun.

By the end of 2017 it has been clear, that Emma is not young anymore. The sight and hearing have not been the best, and she has become increasingly stiff in her legs. She has done very well, and the willingness to join has certainly not been lacking, but it has been clear that physics can not follow anymore.

Here at the end of the year, she began to become incontinent, and she spent most of the day on a rug on the floor. So today, 4-1-2018, the vet was contacted and we had her to put down Emma.

Thank you for many good years and experiences.