The dogs who left us

One of the more unpleasant consequences of having dogs - or other animals for that matter - is that at one point you will have to decide if the dog is still going to live.

Sometimes there is no choise. There may be acute injuries, but it may often be your choice.

We set ourselves up early in our dog life based on the principle that sick dogs should be treated, but that we would not start life-prolonged treatment if the dog could not maintain his fitness and his place in the flock.

Similarly, we had to say goodbye to a dog who, due to age, could no longer live a normal life with the others.

It is a tough decision to take and it is certainly not easy, but we have never been in doubt - or disagree - when time has come.

There may also be other reasons to say goodbye to a dog.

Fortunately, when a puppy litter is to be sent to the world for a good family, looking forward to the new family member. You might miss the puppy, but it is a good feeling.

We have also been in the situation that we had to say goodbye to dogs because our family situation changed so we could not take care of the dogs we had.

Here it was necessary to find the profits to get the dogs out of the way, and we succeeded with the help of good friends.

Specifically, 2 of the dogs returned home so that we could enjoy their retirement life together.