The next 5 years

Anno 2007, no 5, 6, 7, 8.

You have got a kennel, you have to have puppies.

After several attempts with Thea, we decided to let Emma become the breakthrough as a breeding bitch - Thea could not be bothered, and the males was told in a rather particular way.

Emma visited Kennel Poulsgaard, looked indulgently to the male and became pregnant.

We began considering, having our own male would be much more easy. A boy was bought.


We had puppies, and we have sold them, and we bought a puppy.

We kept one of our first litter. We now lives with 6 shelties - 5 girls and a boy.

Kennel TeamSheltie was created and run by Ulla (my wife), Maria (our daughter) and I. We believed that we had something to offer regarding to helthy shelties.

In 2008 Ulla died, and Maria and I had to consider.

We had to replace 3 dogs.

Emma and Laura returned to their original kennel at Lotte and Kurt in Elverlamshuset and Silas were redeployed in agreement with Capstone kennel (The place we bought him). Maria and I was fine with the solution. We had three dogs - Josephine, Thea and Teamshelties Andrea.

The dream of a kennel had to wait.

2008 and everything suddenly looked quite different.

2009 a new way of living.

You can't really belive it, but somehow life goes on.

The dream about a top-kennel was closed down, but the interest in dogs continued - especially agility.


In 2009, Jessy joined the house. For a long time, Maria wanted to performe agility using a larger dog. Thea started to be unstable in her races, we started looking for a Borde Collier . We found Jessy at Erik Ussing.

Shorlty after that Lotte told us, Emma should not breed any more. Mary and I agreed, that she should move in with us again - she did May 1st.

She was a little uneasy by coming directly to the International Laborday-meetings, but then she recognized grandmother and calmed down. At home, she looked around a bit, and immediately fell into her customary place again.

Laura likewise had her last litter at Lotte's Elverlamshuset - she had to move in likewise, bringing one of her puppys from last litter - Nova. Laura also found her place again, as if she had only been a little trip  shopping.

The house is now filled,  5 shelties and a border collie believing to be a sheltie.