5 more years

2011 ff

Maria leaves the home, and finds a place in Rønne. She is still training the dogs.

It is especially agility with Thea, Emma and Laura. Lauras puppy have been shown to have a shoulder injury. An operation will fixate her leg. Consultating the vets we decide it is better to do nothing, hoping she will compensate herself for the damage. She lives pretty much a normal life, but she will not be a competition dog.

We try rally obedience, but agility is number one.

Jessy - the border collie - turns out easy to stress doing agility. The Shelties have to take care of competitive sport in the family.

In 2013 Thea start showing signs of problems in her legs. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem is caused by a tumor, and we decide that she had to be put away.

During the summer Nunu enters the family. Nunu repositioned from a Jutland family and moving to Rønne with Maria.

Emma starts to look worn out when she´s performing agility. She is running her last class 2 event as 9½ years, doing fine, put up a few times senior, but then we stop her career..

During the autumn Maria and a friend gets the idé of buing a dog and training it to be a agility-dog from the first day. . They both train agility, started as coaches and believe they will be able to train a dog from scratch. Training had to be targeted AG from entering the house.

Get It moves in living at Marias place and training begins - puppy-agility-training. becomming 1 year she starts the official agility-training, and it is quite clear, that the targeted efforts have paid off.

Status 2015

Josephine turned sick. She did not eat  and she become worse.The vets diagnosis was pyometra. We agreed that she needed an operation. She was delivered in the morning and given an anesthetic, and Leif drove of to work. On the road the vet telefoned. The latest blood test results had just arrived, and they indicated that the infection had spread pretty much. We agreed they should put her down. The chances that she would survive anesthesia and surgery was too small.

Apart from Get It and Maria we no longer do sports - but we participant as helpers.

Get It's targeted agility puppy training now shows its value in practice. She's big enough to be able to participate in the club's training team and she shows clearly that she has grasped both basal and a lot more. Her first tournament - when she was 1½ year - was a great succes.


One is not enough.

Get It is living together with Maria. She had Get It fra Kennel Shenaja, and late 2016 she was tempted and a deal was made.

Shenajas American Carolina - Magic - moved to Bornholm. A hot-tempered black and white bitch.

She's falen in with the others, and she has started her education.