2018 had a sad start.

Emma became more and more characterized by age. She lost the desire to move and to eat and she could no longer jump into the furniture. Since she started to suffer from incontinence, we decided that now the time had come to say goodbye.

The vet could confirm the symptoms, but we did not have her investigated for illness,  we were decided that she was not going through a longer treatment course, where no one could predict anything about the outcome. Emma had reached the end of the road and we asked the vet to put er down.


Farvel til Kennel Poulsgaard.

2018 started with more sorrow.

At the beginning of the year we were informed that the owner of Kennel Poulsgaard - Tove - had become very ill. Shortly after, we were told that she would not survive her illness.

It was in Kennel Poulsgaard and with Tove as a teacher and friend that we had started our Sheltie adventure in 2003.

We first spoke to Tove on the day of her 40th anniversary in the kennel, now she had just held 55th anniversary.

Tove had in recent years been working to secure her dogs so that there were taken care of, when she was not here anymore. Breeding dogs were registered with ownership in collaboration with a few other kennels, and the other dogs were redeployed under the guidance and approval of Tove.

We were informed about the work and we committed ourselves to the fact that we would of course be ready if there was any need for help.

We have reached 2017.

Living at Maria's place - Camp Nou - Get It og Magic.

Living at Leif's place - Base Camp - bor Emma, Andrea, Jessy, Nova og Nunu.

Magic has started pre-agility-training. Get It is competing now.

Emma, Andrea, Jessy, Nova og Nunu enjoying life as socialize dogs

All the dogs meet on a regular basis and have all their regular seats in the flock, both at home and when they are together

In August 2016 we had to say goodbye to Laura. During the Bornholmer exhibition we were finally assured she was very ill. Laura had cancer, and it had struck quickly. We agreed that she should not be treated so we had to ask the vet to put her down.

Ludvig og Mads.

Toves daughter phoned. The dogs were taken care of. I the kennel still was a pregnant bitch that would soon give birth - puppies and bitches were taken care of.

The last remaining was Ludvig at 11 years and his son Mads at 9 years.

Ludvig and Mads had a special status in the kennel, not only did they live permanently in the house, but they had moved completely into the most privat rooms.

Tove would not have Ludvig and Mads sent away while she was still alive. On the other hand, she would like to have secured their future, and she felt that we were a good bid for the future. She would leave the dogs to us - after her death - we should promise that if the relocation failed, we should make sure that they were both put down, so they did not end up as nomad dogs.

March 16, 2018, we were told that Tove had died. Ludvigs and Mads were immediately moved to another kennel where they could stay overnight.

We left the next morning and drove to Herning and met Ludvig and Mads for the first time in many years.

It was two very reserved dogs we met. Scared and confused, it took a very long time just to be allowed to give them a delicious treat.

We decided to do it short and we started our trip back to Bornholm.

The first thought had been that they would be split up - one with Maria and one with me - and that we would first drive home to one flock where Maria waited, and then on to the next.

The condition of the dogs taken into consideration, we chose to change strategy. Maria collected all the dogs at Leif's place, and we took Ludvig and Mads to Maria, where they could have the house for themselves - and together. We now had to see how long time they needed, and then we had to decide on how to live permanently.

Two very reserved dogs moved into Maria's house, and we managed to get in touch with them - especially Ludvig. Maria, Ludvig and Mads prepared for the night, and Leif drove home to the rest of the dogs.

The disaster

Next morning we met again, the night had been ok and we could start communicating with the two new residents.

At noon we thought the time was for them to look a little closer to the surroundings, so we took them out to the ground.

In a split second, Mads managed to make himself invisible. A search was started, and we tracked him on the fields shortly after. We managed to follow him a short time, but then he was as sunk to the ground.

At present, 15-4-2018, he has been missing for 4 weeks, and nothing suggests that anyone has seen or heard him during that period.

The whole island is alarmed, many have been and are still involved in the search, and even more people are watching, but so far there have been no traces.