Why establish a kennel?

Like many other dog owners, we was caught by the idea, that it might be fun to have puppies.

Now the fact is that although shelties do not get many pups in a litter, you can not keep all the puppies yourselves, they have to be sent out into the world.

If we had to sell puppies, we wanted to be fair to the dogs and the buyers.

Dogs are living creatures and you can not guarantee the future. But you can try to do your best..

By registering as a kennel in the Danish Kennel Club (DKK), we have committed ourselves to comply the ethical and breeding standards, and we have commited ourselves in relation to DSSK's (Danish Shepland Sheepdog Club) breeding recommendations.

We also have decided to follow the DKK's breeder education, so that we in theory have the best conditions for breeding and sale of puppies.

What we want?

At the time we had four dogs.

The dogs was living in our house, they have a large outdoor recreational area that is fenced, they can freely attend the area.

We have them out walking - without a leash - every day in the remaning part of our property. There is no fence, the dogs run freely in our little forrest and they are taking excursions to the surrounding fields.

We want active dogs, therefore we have registered all dogs to obedience training and agility in Danish Kennel Club - Baltic. (DKK8)

In addition we participate in show training, and we are trying in every way to offer our dogs many and varied contacts.

The sheltie is a working dog, it must have the freedom and the need to have challenges.

What was the price?

Well. The dogs of course. But soon we realised we had to have a car being able to attend all the fun dog activities.

When we began to exhibit around the country (and Sweden) we realised, that it can be difficult to find accommodations, where they accept 4 dogs. Tenting isn't perfect - we had to buy a caravan.

Finaly we had to move to a more appropiate place. There are peoply who don't fancy living next door to four happy dogs - we moved to the country in a nice house, with a fine ground, and far to the nearest neighbor.

We were active in dog associations - both locally (DKK8) and in the Danish Sheepdog Club, and Maria is ready to adopt all the puppies she see.

What did we gain?

Many, many hours with - first of all our dogs, and then with the dog people, who are always in for a nice chat about the animals, and very rarely wants to talk about job and other troubles.

We've got an common family interest, which we can pursue together and on equal terms, regardless of age.